Being in the business for many years, we are ready to share our expertise, ready to transfer our knowledge to help the community develop, and ready to help people do a better and more effective business.

Before you fall into trouble, before you are faced with problems, even before you buy any hardware, contact us for consultation – many of the hardware systems are capable to run almost all software, but we know of a few which can give you a lot of problems and therefore can increase costs.

Looking at a solution from a broader angle, foreseeing possible problems and preparing solutions for them, selecting the method of implementation, and finally handing over your system requires expertise – that UCI has.
Please note that information systems are usually composed of multiple subsystems and each subsystem requires a different specialization.

Consultancy Services for Private Companies

  • GIS database and geo-information data structure design
  • GIS Centre Design, including roles and responsibilities
  • GIS Project Management, Team Formation
  • GIS Roadmap Planning

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