Software Development

Because of the recent changes in software development there are many tools available that would help software developers create cost effective solutions for their customers. For a specific business field, you can find various software products. Although these products are very well engineered to accommodate most of the expected functionality, corporate users in particular still need its own software developed. This is where UCI comes in.

It is evident that the first step is to analyse requirements, identify all of them and prioritize. At this stage, existing systems and investments must be carefully analysed in order not to waste any investment. The design will be based on the established requirements and implementation will be according to priority.

 The client will play a very important role during the whole process, from analysis to test, design to development. This guarantees the system will be developed according to user’s needs and the customer acceptance of the system is increased.

 What will UCI do for you in this process?

  1. All of your requirements will be analysed and documented properly. This sounds cliché, but it is the standard and a very important step in the process.
  2. Your requirements will be categorized. Because we know that while some of your requirements can be implemented later on, some of them are probably very urgent and must be implemented immediately. Therefore, all requirements will be prioritized.
  3. Implementation will be planned according to this prioritization.
  4. Design will be performed according to the broadest scope that you have so that later modifications will be easier and cheaper.
  5. If there is an application being developed, all forms and screens and flow between forms will be refined with your input.
  6. All deliverables, including the software applications, will be documented perfectly.
  7. Training will be delivered for the software applications.
  8. According to the nature and complexity of the software application or applications installed, support will be provided for 1-week to 1-year at your premises and when you are in trouble; we will be THERE!

Desktop Applications

Although the web dominates the current software industry, there is still a lot of need for desktop applications. Despite common understanding, desktop applications can also communicate with web servers and can still update web-based information.

All software applications, including desktop applications, which we develop, are provided with 1 to 3 years of warranty against bugs and are provided with full documentation.

Web-based (Internet/Intranet) Applications

The Internet is the primary medium of business and operation for most companies. Although it is the easiest way to do business, to communicate and to publish, it still needs some improvement, especially for the security and safety of commercially confidential information.

Our web technology team is ready to help you automate your corporate operations, sales tracking, group communications, and even vehicle tracking through web applications.

Software developed for the Internet can be easily configured to run on the Intranet (local area network of the interconnected PCs in an organization).

Mobile Applications

It is a rather new but booming field of applications – mobile phones and PDAs. UCI is committed to following all new technologies and developments in the field of IT. Therefore, a new division of UCI is dealing with mobile applications where small mapping and routing applications are being implemented.

These applications can serve many purposes, such as sales force management, technical support or support automation and management, tracking emails and tasks, delivery planning and vehicle routing, and many others.

Internet access on mobile networks is faster and more widely available than ever before; hence, mobile applications are gaining more attention and in the near future will be easier to integrate with the enterprise work flow and enterprise processes. In other words, you will be able to carry your office wherever you go, and mobile versions of your corporate applications will make all documents available for your business. 

Samples of SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT services that UCI can provide for you 

  • Comprehensive software development services including the analysis and design to development and testing
  • Desktop and web-based applications for your organization
  • Software development services as an added value for your products; for example a mobile application that will be used on your mobile device
  • Software development services for your projects, for example developing software applications required as part of your geographical information system project or your mapping project that will make your tasks and services easier; at the same time these applications can be later used by your client
  • Full system development for your organization or for your organization’s customers
  • Training on the developed software 
  • Full documentation of the services and the software 

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