Desktop 360-Degree Panoramic Integrated with Several GIS Platforms






GIS Application, Desktop Software

  • Play video files and display current frame’s coordinates on the map simultaneously.
  • Play by loading a video file or play by clicking on the map.
  • Increased or decreased video quality, different views (spherical, panoramic, dome, all-cameras, etc),
  • Instant display of current angle of sight on the map to help user identify and interpret features that s/he is looking at
  • Display current coordinates at different formats (DMS, DD).
  • Fast-forward or rewind, skipping a number of frames
  • Live calculation of actual number of frames displayed to help user select the best speed for display
  • Save current frame as JPG or PNG in different sizes
  • Shortcuts for easier use, especially for camera controls (look up, down, left, right, etc)
  • Complete integration with ArcGIS and other GIS platforms

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