Our Customers

Al-Madinah Development Authority

UCI is providing GIS Strategy consultancy services for Madinah Development Authorithy. GIS Strategy of the Authority has been developed in partnership with UCI and UCI has been selected for developing implementation plans, monitoring activities, and other necessary tasks.


Anka IT & Consulting

UCI provides business development and consultancy services for Saudi Arabia and the region.


UCI is the solution provider for developing GIS applications, integration of panoramic video with various GIS platforms and other software development services

Baskent University Ozel Ayseabla Okullari

UCI provides Consulting and web-portal development services for Baskent University, Ozel Ayseabla Okullari (Private Ayseabla Schools)

Dar Al-Riyadh

UCI provided GIS and IT consultancy services for Dar Al-Riyadh.



UCI provides GIS consultancy services for Deloitte, one of the most reputed consultancy companies in the world.

Elisa Electronic Ltd.

UCI is solution partner for developing distance learning platform that will serve to more than 10,000 students. Primary role of UCI is to provide software development and support services.


EPOK Consulting International

EPOK provides surveying services for UCI’s GIS projects and EPOK has international partnership with UCI in Turkey and Saudi Arabia Operations.


Gate Electronic, Inc.

UCI is providing software development consultancy services for Gate. Gate Elektronic, Inc. provides services in the field of electronics, depot level maintenance of military / industrial systems, engineering work, software development and electronic manufacturing.


Geographic Technology Trading

UCI is providing software development and GIS services for GTT. GTT operates in Saudi Arabia and in the region and well-known especially in the Holy Cities of Makkah and Madinah. GTT is one of the local partners of UCI’s Saudi Arabia Operations, in the Western Region, particularly in the Holy Cities.



GSAREH (Geospatial Applied Research Experts House) is a US-based, pioneering company in geospatial research, analysis, design and training. UCI complements their services with application development and GIS.


Gungoren Municipality, Istanbul

UCI has developed web-based GIS for the municipality, GIS-based parks and gardens automation systems, projects management systems.


Islem GIS/ESRI Turkey

UCI is an agent of Islem GIS for distributing and selling ESRI ArcGIS Products and Training


SECON Pvt. Ltd.

SECON and UCI have signed an MOU for joint operations in GIS and other fields in the Middle East Region. SECON supports UCI for all GIS-related activities and UCI provides consultancy and business development services to SECON.



UCI provided project management, software development and mentoring services for STIT.



UCI provides consultancy services to Synoptic for e-government, GIS and software development services on Microsoft Platform. Synoptic is one of the local partners of UCI’s Saudi Arabia Operations, in the Central and Eastern Region Operations.



Advanced Centre
for Civil Engineering Consultant Co.


ERP and CRM systems design, implementation and establishment

Mobile work force management systems

Software Development (both GIS and others)

GIS activities, including digitization, vectorization, geodatabase establishment and customization on different GIS platforms

Command and Control Centre Establishment

Systems Integration

Training and education services related with above services


Talal Adham & Partners, Co.

UCI provides GIS and software development services. Talal Adham & Partners, Co. is one of the local partners of UCI’s Saudi Arabia Operations, in the Western Region.



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