Web Based Software Solutions

The Internet is the primary medium of business and operation for most companies. Although it is the easiest way to do business, to communicate and to publish, it still needs some improvement, especially for the security and safety of commercially confidential information.

Our web technology team is ready to help you automate your corporate operations, sales tracking, group communications, and even vehicle tracking through web applications. 

Software developed for the Internet can be easily configured to run on the Intranet (local area network of the interconnected PCs in an organization). 

Web-based Project Management Portal used by private companies 

Web-based Application, Project Management Portal




Web-based 360-degree panoramic video viewer, integrated with several GIS platforms 

Web-based Application, GIS software

Web-based GIS Application Prototype for Didim Municipality 

Web-based Application, GIS software


Web-based Questionnaire Compilation 

Web-based Application, Google Maps, Adobe Flex




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