Geographical Information Systems

Consultancy Services for Private Companies

  • GIS database and geo-information data structure design
  • GIS Centre Design, including roles and responsibilities
  • GIS Project Management, Team Formation
  • GIS Roadmap Planning 

 GIS Data Services

  • Analysis of existing spatial data
  • Editing and digitizing services
  • Creation of special-purpose data. For example,
    o   Road network for navigation data
    o   Utility network for network analysis
    o   3D data for planning or illustration purposes
    o   Tabular data for decision support systems
  • Preparation, refinement and performing data migration, acquisition and maintenance frameworks and workflows
  • Fully documented geodatabase
    o   Data dictionary and data catalogue preparation at the enterprise level
    o   Illustrations and documentation of tables, relationships, stereotypes, domains and all other specific information related with geodatabase 
  • Preparation of cartographic and thematic map templates


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