Who are we?

Uz Consulting International or UCI in short, was founded in 2009 by an experienced team. UCI has its vision and is determined to achieve its vision and aims.

UCI was founded as a systems integration company to take active roles in systems integration and information systems projects.

Our mission is to become a major player in information systems and systems integration projects, which are our primary fields of expertise. Our main focus will be on geographical information systems and other web-based or intranet-based projects, such as business process automation, web-based enterprise resource planning and others. We aim to apply our expertise in present and future projects. Our consultancy services cover all phases in the project management process, such as team formation, project planning and management, testing and delivery.

In addition to systems integration projects, UCI also provides software development services according to specific needs of a customer.

Our vision is to involve our clients in all stages of the project execution. We completely convey the knowledge and expertise to our clients to provide usable and useful systems. Within this context, we don’t use “customer satisfaction” as a cliché, but as the basis of our services. Just like in the other fields we cover, UCI also aims to bring new concepts in “customer satisfaction” by supporting it with efficient solutions. “Customer satisfaction built on efficient solutions” is our foundation.

Our primary territory of operations includes Turkey, Middle East, and Turkic Republics. In our next phase of development, we plan to grow in European Union and North Africa.

Our value is, of course, our people. We can always provide an alternative to the other components of a working system. However, the human factor is the most important gear in the system and it is almost impossible to replace team members easily. UCI is aware of the value of the investment in people.

UCI aims to be a major systems integration and information system consultancy firm in the region by “providing customer satisfaction built on efficient solutions”.

As a company who adapts to new technologies immediately, we cordially invite you to visit our web site to stay informed of new services as we introduce them.

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