Desktop Applications

Although the web dominates the current software industry, there is still a lot of need for desktop applications. Despite common understanding, desktop applications can also communicate with web servers and can still update web-based information.

All software applications, including desktop applications, which we develop, are provided with 1 to 3 years of warranty against bugs and are provided with full documentation.


Desktop Software, ERP, Document Management System, HR and Payroll Management 

  • Targeted for Saudi Arabia market
  • Complete employee management with basic financial capabilities
  • Alerts – unique functionality of UzAssistant
    o   Expiration alerts (warnings) that can be customized by user to receive before a specified number of days, say 3 days before the expiration
    o   Overdue alerts for expired actions
  • Alerts provided for
    o   Employee visa expiration
    o   Employee passport expiration
    o   Employee iqame expiration
    o   Employee vacation and return
    o   Assets return, maintenance, period maintenance
    o   Vehicles maintenance, periodic maintenance, insurance expiration
  • Employee identification information including
    o   Personal information (name, address, telephone, picture, etc)
    o   Contractual information (contract renewal, notice period, etc)
    o   Dependents information (name, telephone, etc)
    o   Visa information (visa type) and expiration and renewal date
    o   Passport and expiration date
    o   Work permit expiration and renewal date
    o   Driving license type, expiration and renewal date
    o   Vacations
    o   Tickets issued, including dependents
  • Assets information
    o   Identification information
    o   Maintenance track record
    o   Lending and returning procedures
  • Vehicle information
    o   Identification
    o   Maintenance track record
    o   Insurance
    o   Lending and returning procedures
  • Financial Module
    o   Accounts payable
    o   Cheques to be prepared
    o   Basic payment reports
  • User Administration
    o   Create and delete users
    o   Create and assign different user levels
    o   Assign forms to specific user levels