System Integration

The latest developments in the computer and associated industry resulted in very well developed and prepared systems which are available at affordable prices. Therefore, clients often request COTS systems to be supplied. It is quite difficult, if not impossible, to match all the needs of clients. COTS systems are proven, error-free or at least fault-tolerant; however they were built for generic purposes. Furthermore, in any size of IT project, you may find different COTS systems required. Supplying different systems for the different parts of a project cannot work unless you make them communicate with each other. In other words, all the COTS systems you acquire will be totally useless if you don’t integrate and make them work together. Here’s where UCI comes into the picture. With years of multidiscipline project expertise, UCI will help you make the most of your investment. Not only computer hardware and software, but also internetworking, performance optimization, testing and documentation are the key parameters addressed by UCI during systems integration

The following summarizes our services in this regard:

  1. Analysing, evaluating and reporting candidate systems that you wish to purchase. Reporting includes the compatibility degrees of the new system components; partial compatibility and full compatibility will be reported. Incompatible parts will be reported as well. Possible modifications will be listed, and the best suitable among the candidate systems will be suggested.
  2. Integration of new systems will be planned and the whole process will be defined so that the integration will be flawless.
  3. If a new system or systems are to be established or acquired, requirements of your organization will be listed, compatible systems will be selected and upon your approval, systems will be purchased, installed, and a turn-key solution will be provided to you. All the technical responsibility will be on us and you will simply (and virtually) “turn the key” to start working.

     Case Study:

  • As “SeekingASolution Group LLC.”, you are seeking for Vehicle Tracking Systems and Accounting Software. You already have a geographical information system in place. At UCI, we analyse your existing GIS and based on our findings, we locate the best Vehicle Tracking System to serve as many of your needs as possible while staying within your budget and at maximum warranty period. At the same time, we look for the accounting system software through other firms that we are in touch with, because accounting software is not our primary field of expertise. Our findings will result in a report that suggests all the possible alternatives. After your acquisition, we develop a small software application that retrieves the results of the vehicle tracking system and transfers it to the accounting software as per your approval. We also provide you with full support during the usage of this program. In the end, you have a new vehicle tracking system and new accounting software, which are fully integrated with your existing geographical information system.

  • “Seeking A Solution Group LLC.” is extremely happy with the system integration performed as explained above. Costs are being tracked better, minimized and future planning results are better. The company has grown more than expected and it seeks a transition to Enterprise Resource Planning. This is a very important and sensitive process that may be long lasting. UCI is still here during this process. First of all, existing workflows will be modelled, components of each step will be identified, new software systems will be installed and training will be delivered. At the same time, the customer should never or minimally notice “the big change.” Full support from “SeekingASolution Group LLC” executives and employees, developing small software applications for a smoother integration, customizing new forms according to new standards of the company will be performed by UCI. “SeekingASolution Group LLC” will utilize the benefits at the maximum while feeling the pains of transition at the minimum. Customer’s satisfaction built on efficient solution remains the signature of UCI.

Samples of SYSTEMS INTEGRATION services that UCI can provide for you 

  • Analysis of your existing systems, assessment of your current systems
  • Developing small software applications that will help you integrate your existing systems
  • Providing turn-key IT solutions where you don’t (need to) have expertise or you have never implemented before, selecting the best solutions, implementing them for you, training your users, and supporting your organization until your organization reaches a certain experience level
  • Transition planning for migration of your existing data to a new platform, training your users and handing over your system to its actual users
  • Full documentation of the services and modifications during the integration

Samples of Recent Systems Integration services provided by UCI

  • Integration of different distance learning systems as one seamlessly integrated system. The system is developed for one of our clients and it is now capable of providing distance learning system to more than 4500 students.
  • Integration of different IT systems in a command and control centre where UCI members have taken part in management and technical supervision. Command and Control Centre establishment needs special expertise which UCI has.